The week before Rosh Hashanah, a time when all of Klal Yisrael prepare for the New Year, contemplate their deeds and merits, and mentally strategize what and how they want to ask for on this amazing day of asking. This year for me and my family this week was a little different. My Father in law had received a call from the Dr. after a routine scan that his Bladder Cancer which we thought was under control was starting to spread and they had found growth in his liver. We all knew what we were praying for this year, a year of health, a year of recovery, but even more so just another year.

As the test and treatments began we quickly started realizing that the disease wasn’t our only burden, but that the treatment itself was burden onto its own. Traveling to Manhattan from Brooklyn several times a week, too weak to drive himself or take a train, the Ubers and cabs started adding up and $80-$100 each trip started taking its toll. Add on the additional stress of having to think about how you are going to get home after a long day of getting poked and prodded and not only did he have one disease but many times it felt like multiple.

While my mother in law was with him at every test and treatment, she like many doesn’t drive in the city and while the rest of the small family tried helping as much as they could, the burden was a lot for the two children who each have their own family and full time jobs.



I tried looking for outside help and got a few numbers from organizations that said they help with rides. After spending hours on the phone searching for options, unfortunately I came up empty. While there were ride programs out there they all were either only from Boro Park or had other criteria’s my in-laws did not fit into.

Unfortunately, my father in law did not last long in treatment. When he passed away less than two months after that dreaded initial call I took it upon myself in his Zechus to find and partner with an organization that could help others who find themselves in the same hardship. I was lucky enough to find Matzmiach Yeshua who already has a info structure in place for transportation services but now needs funding to get it off the ground.

Matzmiach Yeshua’s mission is to provide round trip rides to patients dealing with cancer treatments. They are a volunteer service company that has been involved in various chesed for the past 25 years, servicing the Mill Basin /Marine Park community and beyond. They help with medical equipment needs and now their newest project – transporting patients to the hospitals for their many visits. The money raised will be used to help offset the cost of gas, tolls and to get more cars that will be available every hour to transport patients to and from the hospital daily.

In the Zechus of my Father in law R’ Pinchas Nechemia Ben Tzvi Hersh who in his life would do anything for anyone, I am raising money for this great cause

Thank you for your support and may we share in many simchos together!

Brochi Newman

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