Gmach-picsThe concept of Tomchei Shabbat of Mill Basin started in our shul, Shaare Yeshuah M’tzionSephardic Center of Mill Basin, start at 1996. The man behind this project, Yaakov Daklo, was involved in a group in Boro Park which delivered food packages to those in need and decided to start a similar organization here in Mill Basin. at 2008, the son of Shabtai Harari passed away, and the project was ignited again. Since then, every package that was delivered to those in need throughout the community went out in his name, Yechiel Yisrael ben Paula, Zichron Lebracha.

The organization began for those that needed financial support to feed their families. Today, with the help of God, it is currently supporting over 40 families that reside all over Brooklyn including Mill Basin, Starrett City, Canarsie, Flatbush, Boro Park, and even as far as Williamsburg. Some within the families that receive these packages are disabled, elderly, immigrants, or have sick children. We do not only supply basic needs like milk, challah, grape juice, fruit and vegetables, but also provide holiday specialty items like matzo for Passover, honey and pomegranate for Rosh Hashanna, chocolate gelt for Hanukkah.

We desperately want to make people happy and add dairy products that children and adults commonly consume such as cheese and yogurt, and basic household staples including pasta, meat, fish, canned foods, etc. The problem is that we are limited financially from affording such items. The recent storm has held us back, as it destroyed our structure and damaged our equipment and resources for food. We are looking for donors to help facilitate this organization’s success and maintain the support that we offer to our community members. If you have or know of any businesses that have certain supplies or goods that would like to donate to us, we would be eager to take it!

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