Spreading our Chesed Center is the goal to help our community.
We started out in 1996 with our “Tomche  Shabbat” food packages, helping people with food for Shabbat and holidays.
Now the decision to expend this organization of Chessed Center to include “Bikur Cholim” is here.
We also have many Gamachs for the community use.
Including :
* Lists of hospitals directories for the NY area
* Bikur Cholim
* Chessed Center- Kids clothing,and furniture
* Chesed Hospitality rooms
* Hospital Visitation
* Medical Equipment Gemach
* Transportation Gemach
* Entertaining the sick
* Packaging Food for Hospitals
* Information for Programs for kids with spacial needs
* Kallah chair Gemach
* Tehilim group for any purpose

If you feel that you or family and friends may benefit from this newly founded non-profit organization please call us. We will do our best to accommodate all who need our services.
Thank You
The community Rabbis who endorse this Chessed program:
*Rabbi Yitzhak Israeli
*Rabbi Yermi Halevy
*Rabbi  David  Halpern
*Rabbi Yeoda Friedman
*Rabbi Yisroel Perlson
*Rabbi Avraham Haltzberg
*Rabbi Yonason Epstein
*Rabbi Pinchas Rappaport
*Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Aboud


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